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Get to know Arvid - 
Partner of Rose & Born

He loves his comfort garments as much as his dumbbells and Arvid is a living example that even athletics can look good in suits as long as you have a good tailor who can adjust those small but firm details to create a perfect fit.

 Since 2004 Arvid has been a partner of the company and working at Rose & Born to develop the brand. He is today in charge for the webshop and therefore mostly hiding at the office. But when he gets the chance to see the daylight and work in the store and meet customers he blooms. But don’t forget – if you start to talk about crossfit you’ll better have time to stay over for a coffee because he can’t stop speaking about his biggest interest in life!

Here are Arvid’s favourites attires from Rose & Born at the moment. 

Arvid's favorites