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    The Collection

    Our collections and our collaborative brands work equally well together and on their own. For every new season we fill our store with items we know will add the final touch to an outfit or form the foundation of your wardrobe, whether they are coats, suits, tuxedos, shirts, knitwear or accessories.

    Our suits include well-tailored English cuts, single or double-breasted, with angled pockets, side slits and padded shoulders. We also have suits with a slimmer profile and more of an Italian look, with softer shoulders and a higher buttoning point. These slimmer models are also available in single or double-breasted versions, and the buttonholes on all our suits can be opened.

    We have also created a pair of trousers for our suits, a flat-front model that can be taken in, taken up or given a crease.

    Many of our suits, including their colors and fabrics, are part of our collection every year. We take the liberty with our jackets and trousers, however, of varying their patterns and fabrics from season to season.

    Our selection of Rose & Born shirts is designed to match the colors and patterns of our latest collections, and also includes everyday shirts. Depending on the season, we also offer coats, jackets and knitwear in cashmere and merino.


    The accessories

    At Rose & Born we feel that accessories should meet two criteria: playfulness and elegance.

    To this end, we offer our year-round selection of weekend bags, briefcases, wallets, belts, colognes, cufflinks, suspenders and socks. Depending on the season, we spice up this assortment with items we know will give your style just the right boost.


    The process

    Before each new season we look both forwards and backwards. What did we like? What did our clients like? What inspired us? And what is our next step? We use this process to spark the creation of our new collections.

    Other important input comes from the Pitti Uomo fashion fair in Florence, as well as the expectations of our partner brands and suppliers for the coming season. Once all of this is in place we start our purchasing process, making repeated visits to our suppliers in Bari, Brindisi, Naples, Milan and Parma. Once all the decisions have been made it takes about six months before our new collection is available at Grevgatan 2.


    The partners

    Over the years, Rose & Born has selected brand partners that we like more than others, brands that help us express our idea of style. We currently collaborate with the following companies:


    Stockholm based jewellery studio founded by Fredrik Nathorst & Jacob Skragge. allblues.se

    Andrea Zori

    Andrea Zori has been passed on through three generation, and still manages to produce some of the best sneakers on the market. andreazori.com

    Bob Sdrunk

    The Italian brand that never fails to create fashionable designed glasses with a little bit of edge to it. bobsdrunk.com


    "In 1880 Giuseppe Cambiaghi founded a company dedicated to hats manufacturing.", the dedication to create a vast array of models have made them a leading company in the business, their goal is to create the right hat, for the right occation. cambiaghimilano.com

    Crockett & Jones

    Crockett & Jones is a company with a proud heritage, making shoes in Northampton for more than a century. They have a broad selection that is constantly updated and their shoes are extremely hardwearing. This ensures that Crockett & Jones suits both classical and modern clients. crockettandjones.com

    Fashion Helmets Italy

    A company started in 2011, they have since collaborated with several international brands. Their motorcycle helmets are fully compliant to the highest European safety standards. They are handcrafted and made entirely in Italy; all with E3 homologation. fh-italia.com

    Creed 1760

    Over the years the Creed family has produced over 200 perfumes, all original and hand-made, all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed from father to son through seven generations.creedboutique.com/

    Fueguia 1833 Pantagonia

    Fueguia 1833 Patagonia Laboratorio de Perfumes is an Argentinean niche perfumery house that was founded by Julian Bedel and Amalia Amoedo in 2010. Julian, inspired by his ancestors who were naturalists and writers, creates in Buenos Aires his own perfumes which are a reflection of the diversity and exotic flora of South America. fueguia.com


    Discover how the original practices of the craft from 17th Century France are still thriving in the 21st Century. hestragloves.com


    A brand which was established in Italy, and strives to show of just what “Made in Italy” really means. hevo.it

    Jacob Cohen Jeans

    Top-notch Italian jeans. With their unique fit, tasteful details and materials of the highest quality, Jacob Cohen Jeans are a natural part of our selection. jacobcohen.it


    Italian-made outerwear brand whose winter coats work just as well for dressy and sporty occasions. The company also offers lighter alternatives for spring and summer. montecore.it

    PT01/PT05 (Pantaloni Torino 01/05)

    A new range of trousers from Turin, with exciting features and their own fit. Available as both chinos and jeans. pt-pantalonitorino.it


    This London based menswear jeweller has been around since 1990, the have always kept their top of the line quality and makes sure to stay at the front of men's fashion design. tateossian.com

    Thompson London

    Thompson strives to be one of men's fashion most outstanding accesories brands. Find out more at thompsonlondon.com


    One of the oldest companys in the buisiness, Zimmerli have made handmade goods since 1871. One of their commitments is to only use the highest quality natural fibres. zimmerli.com